Immunization Information

  • The following information is regarding immunization requirements for school entry and beyond.  For more information please visit Shots for Schools or click on any of the links below. 


    Vaccine Exemptions

    Personal Belief Exemptions:

    Personal Belief Exemptions are no longer valid in the state of California. 

    Medical Exemptions:  

    New regulations regarding Medical Exemptions have recently been passed in the California Legislature.  Beginning in 2021, medical exemptions must be on a new form filled out by your child's physician,  and submitted by the physician through the CAIR- ME (California Immunization Registry- Medical Exemption) Website.   If you have an exemption for your child that was made prior to 2019, then you must submit a new exemption or start your child on the required immunization schedule (below).

    Pre-2020 Medical Exemptions by Disciplined Physicians:

    If the physician who issued your child's medical exemption (pre 2020) has been disciplined by the California Medical Licensing Board (at any time), the exemption may be revoked.  In the case of a revoked medical exemption, a new exemption must be acquired, or your child must start the required immunization schedule. (below).  


    For more information regarding immunizations at Harmony Union, please contact Suzi Heron 707-874-1205 ext 10.